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Jason Saulnier interviews Claude Schnell

Claude Schnell talks about the latest news of the reunion of Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain, Vinny Appice & Andrew Freeman (Lynch Mob).
26 Years since playing with Vivian Campbell.
The band will be performing under the name "Last In Line".
New updates with Claude Schnell's solo project.
Possible touring will be involved with Last In Line playing the songs from the first 3 albums.

After an over eight month period of atypical reticence, Claude Schnell, long time keyboardist, confidant and collegue of the late Ronnie James Dio, speaks out on the passing of his friend.

With the dawn of the new day on May 16, 2010 came the end of an era.
When Ronnie left us in the early hours of that morning, he took with him a presence that will never be replaced.
But in the wake of this tragedy, when the fog of overwhelming sadness slowly began to lift and give way to the first glimpses of lucidity,
it became clear that the gifts this giant of a man had left behind were enough to fill several lifetimes.
This was a man who pursued, and I might add achieved, excellence in every arena he traversed.
This was never more apparent than when he would sing.
And sing he did, with his voice propelling each and every note he ever sang to the zenith of vocal performance.
His voice was the stuff of legend, as were his skills as a writer, a musician, and a producer.
But he was also a man of intensity, character, and wisdom. A man whose generosity of spirit knew no limits.
And this was never more apparent than in his relationships. Anyone who had the good fortune to know Ronnie knows this to be true.
I, for one, know this to be true.
Having played with Ronnie has left me with memories and lessons that will last a lifetime.
For that, I am and always will be grateful. But I am truly humbled by the knowledge that Ronnie counted me amongst his friends.
The imprint of that friendship will continue to affect me every single day, for the rest of my life.

Farewell my friend, you will be missed in more ways than you know.

Claude Schnell

Claude Schnell Interview with Jason Saulnier at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA

Jason Saulnier interviews the legendary Keyboardist Claude Schnell at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA.
Speaking as a teacher sharing his words of wisdom with the music in general. We talk about Claude Schnell's latest projects.

Claude Schnell on That Metal Show on VH1 Classic

Make Sure you see the first episode of the new season of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic
The show is A tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio .

Jason Saulnier interviews Claude Schnell

Jason Saulnier interviews Claude Schnell. Claude talks about the Ronnie James Dio public memorial. How Claude Schnell joined Dio starting with the band Rough Cutt featuring Jake E. Lee. Ronnie James Dio how he picked out his guitar players. The difference between perfect pitch and relative pitch. Talking about the film (Tom Dowd and the Language of Music) & the life of Tom Dowd.
Click Here For Interview

Claude Schnell Appointed Artist-In-Residence

MI's Keyboard Technology Program is pleased to announce the appointment of Claude Schnell as Artist In Residence. This world-renowned keyboardist/composer, best known for his work with superstar vocalist Ronnie James Dio, is widely acknowledged as one of the original architects of multi-keyboard techniques for hard rock and heavy metal music. As a member of the legendary group Dio, Claude's keyboard mastery of classical and progressive styles helped redefine a genre traditionally dominated by a gargantuan guitar presence. Beginning in January, 2010, Claude will be conducting small, informal songwriting classes with an emphasis on a holistic approach. He will also be available on an extremely limited basis for one on one open counseling by appointment only.

Claude Schnell Keyboard Clinic at musicians Institute.

On Thursday, June 4, MI’s Keyboard Program presents a “Career Retrospective and Prospective” with keyboardist/composer Claude Schnell. The event will include an interview, video clips, Q&A and a live performance. Best known for his work with superstar metal vocalist Dio, Schnell will deliver insight into maintaining a career as a sideman (including playing some of the most memorable keyboard hooks in metal music) and techniques for securing high-profile gigs.

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